-Power Tools-
Bosch 14 Volt Brute Tough Cordless Drill
The Bosch 14 Volt Cordless Dril Kit is an excellent choice for anyone working on a ladder. These thing are tough! Register through Bosch for a 3 year warranty, the best in the business. Comes with two batteries charger and case.
Bosch 33614-2G 14 Volt Drill............$205/Each
Bosch RS-5 Reciprocating Saw
Bosch RS-5 9 amp Reciprocating Saw Kit, With Case.  This is a nice
lightweight saw perfect for nipping off ladder rack or cutting
through walls.  Quick change blade clamp. Lightweight (7.2 lbs)
makes it perfect for working over head or on a ladder.
Bosch RS-5 Reciprocating Saw...........$95/Each
Bosh 24 Volt Cordless Hammer
Bosch 11524VSR 24 Volt Cordless SDS Hammer. Comes with two
batteries charger and case.  This is a nice little cordless hammer.  
Not quite as powerful as the corded hammer, but close!  Register
with Bosch for a 3 year warranty!
Bosch 24 Volt SDS Hammer..............$529/Each
Panasonic drills are the choice of many
techs.  They have a 1/2" chuck and are
lightweight and have more than enough
torque for most jobs.They are known for
their excellent run times. Available with either
3.0 or 3.5 MAH batteries.  Kit includes drill, 2
15.6 Volt NIMH batteries, charger and case.
EY6432NQKW 3.0 MAH 15.6 Volt Kit...$209/Each
EY6432GQKW 3.5 MAH 15.6 Volt Kit...$219/Each
Panasonic 15.6 Volt Metal Cutter Saw
These Panasonic Metal Cutting Saws are
very cool.  Use them to cut strut, ladder rack
threaded rod and EMT. One of our favorite
demos is to walk into an contractor's office
and cut off a piece of rod and spin a nut on
before he can kick us out!  Kit includes saw,
blade, 2 15.6 Volt 3.0 MAH NIMH batteries,
charger and case.
EY3530NQMK  15.6 Volt Kit.................$359/Each
EY9PM13C 5- 3/8" Blade......................$49/Each
Panasonic 15.6 Volt Cordless Drills
Bosch 11224VSR 7/8" SDS Hammer
Bosch 11224VSR SDS Hammer........$219/Each
The best selling SDS hammer in the world!  Perfect
for anchoring, and will even cut up to a 2 1/2" core bit.
 Also works great for getting through thick walls
(9/16"x 31" bit available).  Includes case and depth
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